De magie van lightpainting fotografie

The magic of lightpainting photography

Photography has many facets and is therefore very versatile. Every photographer is also different and has his own style and way of working.

But in one thing we are all equal: we are looking for the magic of photography.

A branch of photography where that magic can really be experienced is making light paintings. Light really comes to life here. A still image gets movement. The light is shown in a magical way.

But how do you feel this magical moment? It's very clear to me:

When making a light painting, the eye cannot see the result. In front of the eye, someone is making strange movements with a tube and the end result is only clear when the photo is on the display. This is a magical moment.

Especially if you have long exposure noise reduction on (long exposure noise reduction). A photo of 10 seconds then takes 20 seconds because the camera takes a black reference photo in order to recognize the noise and eliminate it in the real photo.

The thrill of waiting... and then... the picture.

This is a beautiful moment every time. And even if you do light paintings for much longer, this is the magic that remains.

Light painting is also constantly improving. Look at what you did wrong and what you need to change.

Common mistakes are:

  • Making movements with the tubes too fast, so that the colors do not come out nicely
  • Speed ​​too irregular, causing color differences
  • Turning the tube too much so that the back is facing the camera
  • Too little variation in the patterns (get inspired by other photographers)

And this is how you make steps and bring the magic to your work.

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