Het Perfecte Plaatje - RTL4 - Marcello Geerts gast jurylid

The Perfect Picture - the invitation

It's a quarter to five on Thursday afternoon and I'm still handling some mail. My phone on the desk lights up and starts vibrating. when I look I see a song from Hilversum. This must be a telecom or energy provider.

I'm unsure whether to answer the phone or push it away. I decide the first. A friendly woman introduces herself but I only half listen. Her first question is: Do you know The Perfect Picture? I am immediately sharp, this works even better than a good Italian espresso.

"Eehhhh, yes of course, I answer. Lotte (from ITV, the producer) asks: Do you also know the concept of guest jury member? My answer is clear: yes, certainly, we always watch The Perfect Picture.

The question then follows whether I am interested in being a guest jury member and whether I am available on the 2 recording days. For the sake of form, I open my agenda but I immediately say yes. No matter what I have in my agenda. Because everyone wants to experience this.

A super fun conversation follows with many questions about photography, my way of working, my workshops and what tips I would give to the candidates.

They approach it very professionally, with very specific questions and I notice genuine interest in my approach. That makes it a very good start to a fantastic adventure.

To be continued.....

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Wat super leuk om te lezen en wat een geweldige mooie ervaring….daar kun je zeker trots op zijn. Dat maak je niet vaak mee zo’n kans!


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