LightBladePro - maak geweldig light blade painting foto's

LightBladePro - create awesome light blade painting photos

Light Blade Photography

Light painting photography is a great way to enrich your photography. You can do this in many different ways.

Many of you have already discovered the power and unprecedented possibilities of the light tubes (the LightTubePro). The tube with very high quality and transparency, for expressive light painting photography with a lot of dynamics.

Some are already familiar with light blades, another way of painting with light and shooting with a slow shutter speed.

Until now these have always been separate systems, you use the tubes or the blades and you had to buy this from different shops. But now there is the LightBladePro, based on the LightTubePro with the same dimensions so that everything is interchangeable. This saves you a lot of time and money. The tubes and blades connect seamlessly and the combination is therefore very valuable.

The great news is that there is also a LightBrushPro on the way, which also fits into the whole system. How cool is it to place the light painting brush on the light tube?

This gives light painting photography a whole new dimension.


The power of the blade is that you can add subtle drawings to your painting photo. For example, you can realistically add flames with the Fire Blade. With small movements this becomes a realistic fire.

Star Dust Blade

The StarDust Blade works fantastically with a short burst of light that creates a beautiful stardust in your photo that everyone will look at in amazement.

Love Blade

The Love Blade fits perfectly in a romantic setting with a short impulse of light, movement or your light on strobe mode (blinking). This gives a creative boost to your photos.

To colour

The color filters give you the opportunity to combine endlessly.

The colors are:

Red - gives your Love Blade the color of love
Blue - gives your Fire Blade the appearance of water or ice
Pink - gives you Love Blade or StarDust Blade romance
Yellow - gives your StarDust Blade the color of the stars
Orange - gives your FireBlade the warmth of real fire

How do you let the LightBladePro prick your imagination?

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