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Back to basics - focusing

In a survey I conducted of a few hundred photographers like you, two things became clear: getting really sharp photos is a problem that many run into. And there is a lot of frustration and ambiguity about which settings to use and when.

In the KickStart group on Facebook you see many photos of people who have been coaching me for a while and I realize that sometimes your courage can sink because you think: I can't compete with this. But you don't realize that most of them started growing really seriously only a few months ago.

That's why I want to go back to basics, because if you have a good foundation, you can only really grow.

In the free KickStart course you have already received 5 tips for these sharp photos. It is important to know that you can only focus at 1 distance. Many people think that with automatic autofocus you can sharpen multiple subjects in your photo. This is only possible if all these subjects are at exactly the same distance from your camera. Otherwise this is technically not possible.

The eyes of the viewer to your photo will always go to the focus point. So when you shoot a portrait you want your model's eyes to be sharp. The first look of the viewer will immediately make contact with your model and that is very nice.

That is why you have to set your autofocus in such a way that you choose the focus point yourself and put it on the point that you want to be sharp. And eye detection? This works better and better, but also use it consciously so that you can correct the computer if it chooses the wrong point.

And there is a big difference between moving and stationary subjects. You choose the right autofocus mode for this, with most cameras this autofocus is single or one-hot for stationary subjects and autofocus continues or AI-Servo for moving subjects. As a photographer, you also make a conscious choice here.

This way you get your autofocus under control and you get started as conscious photography. I would like to help you get the most out of your camera.

If you also want to grow without limits and could use a personal coach, I would like to have you as a Golden Hour Member. Click on the link below, sign up and I'll be your coach today.

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Photo of Golden Hour Member Ester during shoot at Upside Down museum

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