Waarom een thuisstudio zo geweldig waardevol is...

Why a home studio is so incredibly valuable…

Why would you want a photography studio at home? What's nice about that?

When I started photographing, a long time ago, I wanted to take photos that are different, not the standard photos that everyone takes, but my own style and way of shooting.

Soon I discovered flashing and that was addictive. Just with a reporting flash in a cheap flash umbrella. My world opened up.

An important reason to start my photography education in Amsterdam was to use a photo studio. How does that actually work when you're in a professional studio?

This gave a huge boost to my flash photography, although I found everything to be very slow, I was enthusiastic and curious and the basics were quickly learned, so why continue to do the basics for weeks, when I was ready for more? The pace at the photo vocational school is not really high unfortunately.

Another important discovery was that the studio challenged me creatively. Normally when you go out you look around, see a nice scene, take a picture and walk on again.

Now the creative process started in my head, at home on the couch. I like to be inspired by movie posters and in the cinema I always like to take a few pictures of these posters with my mobile.

I then started sketching on the couch with a drawing pad. It didn't look good because I can't draw at all but it gave me the basis for my picture. I also looked closely at the posters, where does the light come from? Which light source(s) were used.

And then I make a drawing of the lighting setup for my photo. Then, of course, ask around for a model, possibly find extra accessories and then make the setup.

The last step was actually taking the photo itself. First test the light, adjust it, adjust the position of the model and then .... CLICK .... the photo is taken.

The photo here is really the end result of a process in which I've already taken the photo 100 times in my mind. That's the challenge for me. And the kick.

Because when you see the final photo on your screen, which I always call 'the money shot', that feeling is priceless.

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