Wat is het verschil tussen de LightTubePro en een LED tube?

What is the difference between the LightTubePro and an LED tube?

You see them everywhere now, especially via AliExpress, the LED tubes. A tube containing the light source with different colors. But what is the difference and is one better than the other?

They are different and both have good points. There are three major differences when you compare them.

First the size, the LightTubePro is 1 meter long. Most LED tubes are around 30 centimeters. That is a considerable difference in length and so your painting with the LED tube is a lot smaller and more limited.

The LED tube is very evenly lit because the LEDs are located throughout the tube. This gives an even wall of light. The LightTubePro runs from light to darker, a gradient and in many cases a much more flaming and vibrant effect.

And finally the expandability. The LED tube is as it is, the LightTubePro can be expanded with the LightTubeMini in different colors, the LightCapPro and we are developing additional accessories for light effects at the tips. And you can use the new LightBlockerPro. So an infinite choice.

What do you prefer?

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