Wat heb je nodig voor het maken van een light tube painting?

What do you need to make a light tube painting?

Are you wondering what you need to start with light tube paintings?

A light tube painting is a photo containing a painting-like light drawing that is made with a light tube and a slow shutter speed of your camera. You make a beautiful visual story of your photo. With your color pattern you strengthen your model or the environment in which you are standing.

Because of the slow shutter speed, a tripod is necessary to keep your camera really still. In addition, you need specialized light tubes to make the colorful 'drawing' in your photo.

The basis for every light tube painting is the LightTubePro. This is a high quality plexiglass tube with a wider variety of colours. Each color has its own look and feel and light effect. From warm to icy, from green to pink, there's always a tube for your perfect shot.

Take a quick look in the shop to see which color is your favorite.

Amazing colors of the Rainbow Silver tube

To create an extra light effect on the LightTubePro, you can add an extra color with the LightTubeMini. You can easily click this small tube onto the large tube with the ConnectPro. Both the mini and the connector are made of high-quality plexiglass.

You can combine the colors of the LightTubePro and the LightTubeMini to your own taste and make your photos come to life. This makes your possibilities endless. Do you take complementary colors or opposite colors?

To prevent excess light or to give an extra effect to your drawing, there is the LightCapPro. Place the cap at the top of your tube. The black closes the tube nicely and blocks the light. The white cap gives a nice white edge to your light tube painting. A third dimension of light in your painting.

The light source of each light tube painting is the Folomov flashlight. This fits perfectly in the tube. The lamp is waterproof and of military reliability. The Folomov has many adjustable strengths and also has strobe mode. This lamp will never disappoint you.

What is your dream tube package from the shop?

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