Een goede fotograaf gebruikt nooit de M-stand van zijn/haar camera!

A good photographer never uses the M mode of his/her camera!

What does a real photographer do now?
Unfortunately, I hear it all too often: if you don't shoot in the M mode of the camera, then you're not a real photographer.
I always keep asking: why M? What's the benefit? What makes it better than all other modes?
And also the question: what am I then? And yes, everyone says: you photograph for magazines and give a lot of workshops, so you are a real photographer. Then I will say right away: I shoot most in A (Av) or S (Tm) mode. Then some eyebrows will go up.
First, let's look at our camera. Because there are often a lot of positions on it. You have the AUTO mode, we have decided on that, that is not the most optimal position.
Why not?
I always explain it this way: this position is based on averages, taken all over the world. An algorithm determines what the average would be in the circumstances you are in and bases the settings on this.
Then you also get average photos and we don't want that, we want very good photos. The problem with this mode is that you have no idea what your camera is choosing and why.
If it gets a little darker, does it adjust your shutter speed? Or your diaphragm? Or is your ISO going up now? You have no influence on this.
Then we sometimes have the scene modes, such as portrait, landscape, night, etc. Here too we have the same problem as with AUTO, no idea what choices your camera makes.
To get 100% control over your camera, you have to switch to the M mode. However? Or is this not always optimal?
Because that is always the answer when I ask why the M mode? I want to have 100% control over my photo is often the answer. Then I ask: how do you check whether your photo is well exposed?
Here too the answer is clear: turn it until it is exactly in the middle. But in A (Av) or S (Tm) mode, your camera's computer does exactly the same thing, but for a fraction of a second.
Then why don't you let the computer do it? Yes... but.... if I want to darken or lighten the photo, you have to go to the M.
And then the monkey comes out of the sleeve. A lot of people don't know that you can do exactly the same thing in A or S mode with exposure compensation. Even then you have complete control, but on top of that comes the high speed of your camera, an extra bonus in A or S.
With the M mode you do indeed have 100% control, but also 100% human speed. And unfortunately we humans are not always that fast.
My advice: hear what others say and then try what works best for you. Use your camera optimally without losing control of what you are and remain the photographer who makes the decisions at all times.
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(photo during workshop by student)
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