Light Painting Wikipedia

Everything you need to know about terms used in light painting photography, conveniently at a glance.

Arctic White - the snow white solid color of the LightTubePro and LightTubeMini. Gives a beautiful look that is chic

Ambient light - continuous light from the sun, the moon or lamps that burn continuously. But also of your tube that keeps burning.

Balance - using your aperture or your shutter speed you get more or less ambient light from the environment in your photo so that you can find a balance between flashing (to make your model pop), your painting and the ambient light. All about this in the workshop 'Outdoor Light Tube Paintings

Blocker - varying size black attachment that you can slide over a light tube to block light and create a different pattern in your drawing, interrupting your light.

Candy - playful combination of white and pink for great light effects in your painting with the LightTubePro or the easy-to-carry TravelPro

ConnectPro - the plexiglass connector to attach the LightTubeMini to the LightTubePro with a simple click.

Dutch Orange - warm flaming color of the LightTubePro , with which flaming light effects and sunset effects can be simulated as light painting

Dark - you can only make a light painting in the dark, both indoors and outdoors. If the light is from the sun or from continuous light indoors, your photo will be overexposed with slow shutter speeds. You will learn all about this in the workshop 'Outdoor Light Tube Paintings'

Fire & Ice - special warm fire and cold ice color combination in this magical duo light painting tube as well as the large LightTubePro and the easy-to-carry TravelPro

Folomov 18650s - universal flashlight , ideal for light painting photography, made of aluminum, shockproof and waterproof, military specs, works in all circumstances, different light intensities and also flashing (strobe) mode.

Folomov Hero - the big brother of the 18650s, for light painters who need even more power from their flashlight, including strobe mode, waterproof, soft finish and easy to operate, made of sturdy aluminum

Gender Reveal - boy or girl? Or just a great color combination that we used a lot at the Harley Quinn photo shoot , performed as a TravelPro

Ice Blue - cold color of the LightTubePro , for very cool photos, from the Nordic series

Slow shutter speed - to make a light painting you need a slower shutter speed because making your light pattern takes time. Depending on the complexity of your drawing, you need between 5 seconds and maybe a few minutes. Usually I make light painting from 10 to 20 seconds. You can take these in Bulb mode, but then you not only have to start the photo, but also stop it. I usually estimate the time and then set the shutter speed a little slower so that I don't have to perform an extra action. Here are 6 extra tips for your light painting photography

Lightart - the art form and collective name with light art, which also includes light painting photography

LightBlockerPro - varying size black attachment that you can slide over a light tube to block light and create a different pattern in your drawing, as a break in your light.

LightCapPro - when using a light tube such as the LightTubePro or the LightTubeMini the flashlight shines through the tube and comes out the other side. To prevent this 'light pollution' you can use the black cap . Do you want a nice white light border in your drawing? Then the white cap is ideal.

Lightpainting - photo made with a magical light effect, by setting your camera on a tripod with a slow shutter speed and with a separate light source such as a tube or bicycle lights, stars, Christmas lights, etc. This creates a picturesque effect. The photo shows a beautiful drawing that is not visible to the eye itself, but only becomes visible after taking the photo. Read about what you need here.

Lighttube - a plastic transparent tube containing a colored foil in which a flashlight is placed. The light bounces off the foil, creating a beautiful color effect. With the light painting technique, picturesque pictures are made with magical color patterns. Sometimes the tubes are made of flexible soft plastic, but these are of lower quality and less clear. Due to the cracking of the tube, it will not last as long and the foil will come loose quickly. High quality tubes are made of plexiglass.

LightTubeMini - small extension that can be used on the LightTubePro or the TravelPro to add extra color, these can be varied with all colors and this way you get a palette of extra colors in your light painting. Easy to connect with the ConnectPro

LightTubePro - the 1 meter long light painting tube of very clear plexiglass with the most beautiful colors for creating magical light paintings

Nordic Sunset - duo color light tube in the colors Northern Sunset green and Dutch Orange, again a warm orange, flaming, with green as the opposite color for great light tube paintings

Northern Light - you don't have to travel far to enjoy the amazing Northern Lights anymore, just bring the Northern Lights into your light paintings. Bring your photos to life with this beautiful rich green tube . Also available as mini .

Pretty Pink - Great pink light tube to really make a statement and this color isn't just for women. Super powerful color if you really want to step out of your comfort zone.

Rainbow Gold - A golden combination between the rainbow colors and gold. A holographic tube with lots of deep warm colors. From the popular rainbow series. Also available as mini .

Rainbow Pink - Combine the rainbow with a deep pink glow with this holographic rainbow pink tube . Also available as a set with rainbow gold and rainbow silver.

Rainbow Silver - the most popular color, the holographic silver color with beautiful rainbow colors through it, for fairytale art with your light painting photos

Royal Blue - royal blue color with a purple glow for unique light paintings. A very deep color, a bit darker than the average tube and therefore sometimes a bit more difficult to use. Requires a little more practice and slower movements.

Sand & Sea - who doesn't love sand and sea in this great TravelPro ? Can certainly also be used as support for the Ukraine in this turbulent time.

Self- timer - When making a light painting you have to operate both the camera and the light tube. To make it easy for myself, set the self-timer or the self-timer to 10 seconds in normal mode. This gives me plenty of time to walk from the camera to my spot. The light of the camera clearly indicates when I can start my painting. It can also be done with remote control, but then I have to start immediately after pressing, so quickly remove the remote control and then turn on the tube. Look here for more tips

TravelPro - very handy version light painting tube , easy to carry, ideal for traveling.

TubeBagPro - handy carrying bag to carry and store all your tubes and accessories