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Jeroen Bruins 30 years 176 CM height

Jeroen Bruins 30 years 176 CM height

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Meet Jeroen, a living embodiment of strength and sportsmanship. With his muscular physique and intriguing tattoos, he exudes an unmistakably tough appearance that makes him versatile for a variety of photographic purposes.

Jeroen is not just a model; he is a man with a deep-rooted drive that is reflected in every image he creates. His unique charisma and unforgettable appearance make him a striking addition to any photo shoot. He understands better than anyone how to seduce the camera and capture attention, and his experience as a model shines through in his professional approach to the profession.

What really sets Jeroen apart is his versatility. Whether you are looking for raw power and physical perfection, or a more refined, artistic approach, Jeroen adapts effortlessly to bring your vision to life. His tattoos add an extra layer of intrigue to any photo, making his images truly unforgettable.

Book Jeroen for your next photo shoot and be surprised by his ability to strengthen and transform your vision.

Jeroen Bruins
30 years
176CM length
Clothing size: L

Price is per half day of 4 hours, excluding studio rental, book the studio here
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