Dansen in het licht

Dancing in the light

Photography is capturing light. No photo without light. But did you know that you can even simulate movement with light. That a still image can suddenly become very dynamic.

We see more and more people around us making light tube paintings. A wonderfully creative way of photography in which you take great photos with a play of light.

In the photo, Naomi dances in the light and the lines of the tubes create movement, while in reality Naomi stands still for 15 seconds.

The LightTube used here is the LightTubePro Pretty Pink with a white cap.

It is important that you take the photo when it is quite dark, or in this case inside the Experience Studio with the light off. Because with a shutter speed of 15 seconds you cannot make a light tube painting outside during the day. The photo will then be completely overexposed, probably even completely white.

Sometimes I get the question: can I use an ND flash during the day to still make a light painting in the light? Unfortunately the answer is no.

The ND filter not only removes the light from the light, but also the light from the LightTubePro will be filtered out, so there is hardly any light left and the effect is also gone.

So if you want your model to dance in the light, first find the dark and then let your creativity run wild.

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Met Lighttube Pro kan je oneindig veel creaties maken. Met extra’s zoals de blokkers, doppen en andere kleur op de top, kun je het nog verder uitbreiden.


Het is zo gaaf om met de LightTube’s te werken. Het verbaast je telkens hoe je met beweging met licht zo mooi op de foto te zetten. Elke figuur met licht is anders en vaak met een wooow effect


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