Iedereen is uniek, maar zijn je foto's dat ook?

Everyone is unique, but are your photos too?

Thousands of photos are taken every day and posted on the internet. We also participate in this and that is not surprising, it is our hobby, perhaps our passion. And we are proud of the pictures we take.

But how many unique photos are taken? You are certainly unique, but are your photos too?

Taking a unique photo seems to be getting more and more difficult in this day and age and that's a shame. Because we don't want to take 13 in a dozen photos. We spend too much time and money trying not to stand out.

But what can you do to stand out from the crowd? It is important that you discover a unique creative style of photography. This is often a quest, but if you have your own style, you will stand out and the compliments will increasingly come to you.

To discover this creative side you need creative courses and the right coaching. I can give you this in a super cool workshop on flash photography. And we don't do this inside but outside.

Many of my students have already discovered their passion in this and developed their own style. Because it is precisely with outdoor flash that you get studio quality photos anywhere in the world. And that appeals enormously.

Just look at this photo of Jitske on the left without flash and on the right with flash. I teach you to discover and use the power of your flash. You will learn how to use your camera and flash optimally and what a huge difference this can make.

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