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Photography course - Peaky Blinders and the Roaring 20's photography

Photography course - Peaky Blinders and the Roaring 20's photography

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Step back in time and experience the enchanting atmosphere of Peaky Blinders and the Roaring 20's with our unique photography workshop. Inspired by the iconic Peaky Blinders style, we take you to a bygone era, where you travel back 100 years in history. Enter the set of the Perfect Picture and unleash your creativity as you are challenged to take that one great and winning photo.

What makes our workshop unique:

Authentic Experience: Embrace the ambiance of the 1920s with a variety of models dressed in beautiful period clothing. Together with them you come up with your unique concept and create your own set with a range of accessories and authentic decoration.

Style development: Emphasize developing your own style and approach. Each step in the workshop offers new techniques and insights to improve your photographic skills.

Light and Shadow Magic: Together we create the perfect lighting setup to take your photos to the next level. Discover the magic of light and shadow as you bring your unique artistic vision to life, complete with a hint of smoke for the perfect atmosphere.

Styling and Technology: In addition to technical aspects, we pay ample attention to styling. Learn the art of creating the right look and atmosphere to elevate your photos. Develop an understanding of working with both color and black and white to explore different emotions and meanings in your images.

Why this workshop?

My Peaky Blinders and the Roaring 20's photography workshop offers a timeless experience full of valuable learning moments. Be inspired by the rich history of the 1920s and develop your photographic skills in a unique way. Whether you are an experienced photographer or just starting out, this workshop is a unique opportunity to challenge yourself and take your creativity to new heights.

Practical information:

Location:* Experience Studio - Luzernestraat 83P in Nieuw-Vennep, near Schiphol

Booking guarantee: If the workshop cannot take place or if you are unable to attend due to circumstances, we will book another date or you will get your money back.

Book your spot now and experience an unforgettable journey back in time!

With your personal coach, Marcello Geerts, known from Het Perfecte Plaatje

Marcello Geerts, photographer and coach of the Perfect Picture 2023

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