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Light Blade Photography - LightBladePro Fire

Light Blade Photography - LightBladePro Fire

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LightBlade photography on fire

Give your light painting photography an unprecedented boost with the LightBladePro - the ultimate tool for creative light artists. Enrich your photos with stunning effects and bring your light paintings to life like never before.

Bring magic to your photos

With the LightBladePro you effortlessly create masterpieces by using slow shutter speeds. Each image is transformed into a work of art full of magic and emotion. But that's not all - with the Fire blade you can set any scene on fire, giving your photos a dynamic and energetic element.


The LightBladePro is manufactured from high quality plexiglass using precise laser technology. The unique pattern engraved into the blade creates a brilliant reflection of the light, giving your photos extraordinary depth and texture.

Complete set or separately

Our complete LightBladePro set comes with a stylish carbon-look handle and five color filters (red, orange, yellow, blue and pink). These filters allow you to personalize your lighting creations and capture the right mood and emotion in your photos. If you already own a handle and color filters, we also offer the option to purchase only the loose blade.


What really makes the LightBladePro unique is its interchangeability with the LightTubePro. You can switch effortlessly between the blades and tubes, allowing you to create endless combinations and let your imagination run wild. Plus, you can use the same flashlight for both the tubes and blades, giving you a cost-effective and versatile solution for all your lighting needs.

Flashlight as a light source

Our recommended flashlight for the LightBladePro is the Folomov Hero, thanks to its handy one-touch on/off function. This allows you to place the blades in your photos as a kind of "stamps" with just the push of a button. This ensures seamless integration of the blades into your light paintings and simplifies the creative process.

Limitless possibilities

Take your light painting photography to new heights with the LightBladePro. Discover the limitless possibilities of light and create breathtaking works of art that capture the attention of viewers around the world. Order your LightBladePro today and let your creativity shine!

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Customer Reviews

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Peter Giebels
Geeft mooie effecten.

Mooi te gebruiken voor meerdere effecten, even wennen wat je ermee moet doen maar daarna zijn er eindeloos veel mogelijkheden.
De rode kleur is favoriet, de blauwe geeft iets minder effect zoals bij rood, andere kleuren nog niet uitgeprobeerd maar gaat zeker gebeuren.