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Photography course - PRO LightTube Sports Portraits

Photography course - PRO LightTube Sports Portraits

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Creative photography has never been so dynamic, with the light tube painting workshop featuring sports models. This photography course in the photo studio will stimulate your imagination.

The LightTubePro gives amazing light drawings on your photos, but how do you make a striking and dynamic portrait with it?

How can you capture the dynamics of the sport with a light painting while making sports portraits?

How can you capture a moving athlete razor sharp with a shutter speed of 20 seconds? You learn to work with a slower shutter speed.

This workshop will give you all the answers. You will learn how to work with your model step by step, with things like levitation photography and working with the LightTubePro.

During the workshop you will receive a clipboard with tips on which you will also make notes.

The workshop includes lunch.

The topics we cover:

  • Working with slow shutter speed
  • Which colors suit which look
  • Levitation photography (levitating people)
  • Use of studio and reporting flash units
  • Use of color gels
  • Using the LightTubePro
  • Making light patterns and paintings

Reservations WITHOUT worries: in the unlikely event that you can't due to Corona or other circumstances, you will get your money back or your credit will remain for the next workshop!!

After the workshop you will be able to create unique portraits that can be placed directly on the cover of any sports magazine. You can really distinguish yourself from any other photographer with this.

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