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LightTubePro Candy | light painting photography

LightTubePro Candy | light painting photography

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Light Painting Tube - Pink and White: Duo-colored Light Tube for Creative Light Painting Photographers

Welcome to our exciting Light Painting Tube in pink and white, specially designed for light tube painting photography, also known as luminography. With this unique tool you can paint with light in a creative way and turn every photo into a true eye-catcher.

Don't worry about boring photos! With our Light Painting Tube you determine your own style and give your photos a striking twist . The punchy pink and stylish white colors are a perfect combination that brings your imagination to life.

The Light Painting Tube is made of high-quality and durable plexiglass, so that the colors come into their own in full force. The clarity of the plexiglass ensures that every detail is clearly visible, making your photos even more impressive.

The tube has a length of 1 meter and is made of sturdy plexiglass. This allows you to create your light paintings with ease and experiment with different shapes and movements.

For an optimal light source, we recommend the Folomov flashlight, such as the Folomov 18650s or the Folomov Hero . Don't forget to order these separately, so you can get started with your light art right away.

Do not hesitate any longer and order your own Light Painting Tube now. Let your adventure begin and discover the endless possibilities of light tube painting photography. Your photos will never be the same again!

* The example photos on this page were taken by an enthusiastic student during a practical workshop.

Are you also interested in following a great light tube painting photography workshop? Click here for more information and register.

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Customer Reviews

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super combinatie

Deze combinatie is echt heel erg mooi!
swirl er op los!

Kathrein Kahle
Schöne Farbe

Tolle Farbe 👍 die Tube liegt fest in der Hand 🖐️