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LightTubePro Dutch Orange [lightpainting tool] [photography]

LightTubePro Dutch Orange [lightpainting tool] [photography]

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LightPainting Tube Orange

Orange light tube for great light tube painting photography, color: orange flaming. Make yourself invisible and make a beautiful drawing with the light.

The flaming warm effect of the Dutch Orange tube should not be missing in any collection.

The uniform color is glossy orange.

The sturdy plexiglass is durable and very clear, so that all colors come across in full force.

Orange is associated with joy, sunshine and the tropics. Orange represents enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, success, encouragement and stimulation. Orange is a very warm color to the human eye, so it also gives the feeling of warmth.

Length: 1 meter
Material: plexiglass
Series: Solid

The Folomov flashlight is required as a light source, click here to also order it.

* Example photos taken by student during practical workshop, if you also want to follow a great light tube painting photography workshop, click here.

Shipping & Returns

All products are shipped worldwide from the Netherlands. Return of undamaged products including packaging within 30 days.

Production and materials

All tubes are handmade in the Netherlands in our production facility in Breda.

The tubes are made of high quality plexiglass and are treated with an antistatic cleaning agent.

All Folomov products come directly from the manufacturer (no intermediaries) and are made of high-quality aluminum.


The LightTubePro is 1 meter long, has an outer diameter of 30 mm, a wall thickness of 2 mm and an inner diameter of 26 mm.

The TravelTubePro is 70 cm long, has an outer diameter of 30 mm, a wall thickness of 2 mm and an inner diameter of 26 mm.

The Folomov flashlights on this website all fit in the tubes.

Care Instructions

The tubes are best stored in the TubeBagPro , in a non-humid place.

Clean the tubes with a soft cloth and possibly with an antistatic cleaning agent for plastics.

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