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LightTube Pro Fire & Ice | light painting photography

LightTube Pro Fire & Ice | light painting photography

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Light Painting Tube - Orange and Ice Blue: Creative Duo Color Light Tube for Stunning Light Painting Photography

Discover the magic of our two-tone Light Painting Tube in the beautiful colors orange and ice blue. This tube is specially designed to create mesmerizing light painting photography. Add an extra dimension to your light artworks and make your photos stand out.

In our studio, the idea of ​​combining fire and ice was born, and the result was absolutely magical. The combination of cold ice blue and warm orange creates a unique visual effect that is a must-have for any light tube collector.

Our Light Painting Tube is made of sturdy plexiglass, which ensures it is durable and displays all colors in full force. Let your creativity run wild and achieve amazing results with this tube.

The tube has a length of 1 meter and is made of high-quality plexiglass. It is part of our popular Duo series, renowned for its quality and versatility.

For an optimal light source, we recommend the Folomov flashlight, such as the Folomov 18650s or the Folomov Hero . Don't forget to order these separately, so you can get started with your light painting photography right away.

Don't wait any longer and quickly place your order for the Fire & Ice Painting Tube. Let your creativity run wild and enchant your audience with breathtaking light artworks.

The example photos on this page were taken by an enthusiastic participant during a practical workshop.

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