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Outdoor Flash photography course - Make the world your photo studio

Outdoor Flash photography course - Make the world your photo studio

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Photography practice course Outdoor Flashes at various locations.

Why flash outside?

Anyone who knows me knows that I love strobes and flashes. And that I'm always looking for that great photo that is flashed and doesn't look flashed.
That's why I often get the question: "When is the best time to flash?"
If my answer is " Stop flashing inside and start flashing outside ", I often get back: "What kind of weird advice is this again?".
We humans are very conditioned and like to stick to old principles: when it is dark inside the flash goes on and outside there is enough light not to flash.
When I ask if they are satisfied with their indoor flash photos, the answer is invariably: "NO, because that's why I ask you for advice".
"And what about your outdoor photos?", "Well, they could be a lot better if I compare them with your photos!".
I also know exactly what the problems are:

Why does flash seem so unnatural?

Indoors in the dark, the flash must give a lot of light. The light does reach your subject but not the background, so you get white heads and a dark background. Really such a typical flash photo. That's why this standard indoor flashing is not a good idea.
And outdoors, you get shots where eyes are often dark, faces have weird shadows, and your subject blends into the background, doesn't really stand out.
That's why flashing outside is a very good idea. Just look at the photo below. The left is not flashed and the right is....
And did you know that the color temperature of your flash is the same as the color temperature on a sunny day?
That's not for nothing!! Speed ​​cameras are designed to be used outdoors on a sunny day.
In the distant past, however, someone thought that flashing in the sun is very stupid and very smart in the dark.
And even though we know that we won't get nice pictures with this, we still see this as the truth.
That's why I'm going to help you take better pictures outside. And I also explain how to get better photos with flash.

What can you expect?

We go out with a group to take pictures outside with flash units. With your regular reporting flash. We'll get the most out of your flash and take photos like you've never taken before. And don't you have a flash? No problem, I'll bring flashes so you can participate in everything.
And I'm sure you'll never use your flash the same again.
Book now quickly, a world will open for you
Minimum 4 and maximum 8 participants per workshop to guarantee personal attention.

What do you need?

Of course you bring your own camera. If you have a flash and possibly a trigger, you can certainly take it with you, but it is not necessary. I'm bringing several flashes and triggers that you can use for free. So even if flashing is completely new to you and you don't have your own flash yet, you can participate!
A tripod is not necessary. We'll start with your standard lens, but if you have a wide angle and a telephoto lens, I would definitely bring those because they also give very cool effects and you also learn to work with them.

What can I do after the workshop?

After the workshop you will have all the knowledge to consciously make a choice whether or not to flash in every situation you end up in. If you choose to flash, you know how you can use your flash optimally, what all the settings are and more importantly: how you can flash without it looking like a flash snapshot.
So you can turn the whole world into your photo studio.


In the unlikely event that the weather does not allow the workshop to continue, we will set a new date or you will get your money back. And even if you cannot make it on the booked date for whatever reason, you can always do the workshop on a new date.
You will never lose your money, I personally guarantee you that.

So register now quickly!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Angelique Jansen
Zeer leerzame workshop

Zeer leerzame workshop. Alles wordt rustig verteld, laag voor laag opgebouwd.

Jack van der Meulen
Outdoor flitsen , Buiten flitsen

Marcello bouwt de workshop op een goede en begrijpelijke manier op. Je gelooft je ogen niet hoe snel dit gaat. Je gaat helemaal mee in zijn filosofie met betrekking tot het gebruik van een flitser in vol daglicht. Ben zo blij en trots op wat ik heb kunnen creëren. Ben nu verliefd op het buiten flitsen. Dank Marcello voor je geduld je heldere uitleg en je enthousiasme .

Diane van Velzen
Flitsende workshop!

Ik kan niets anders zeggen als dat dit een geweldige workshop is. Je zou denken dat buiten flitsen geen enkel nut heeft, maar het is onvoorstelbaar wat een verschil het kan maken. Zelfs als het zonnetje volop schijnt zoals bij ons het geval was. Ik ben ook hier weer met foto's thuis gekomen die ik niet verwacht had te maken.

Patricia tuithof

Na de workshop buiten flitsen in de AWD
Nu de workshop buiten flitsen op het strand gedaan. Heel erg gaaf om te doen en echt zoooo veel geleerd! eindelijk is het kwartje gevallen😂
Super bedankt Marcello Geerts voor deze leerzame en gezellige avond . Jammer dat de tijd altijd veel te hard gaat op deze momenten.😄
Aanrader!!!!! 😍

Jean Paul Witteman
Met Marcello op stap is elke keer een feestje :-)

Elke keer weer lukt het Marcello ingewikkelde materie in Jip en Janneke taal uit te leggen. En altijd met veel humor. Geweldig knap gewoon!