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Photo Course Light Tube Painting Photography Outdoor

Photo Course Light Tube Painting Photography Outdoor

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Light Painting Photography (luminography), how does it work? And how can you make the most beautiful light paintings yourself with long shutter speed photography?

Light tube painting photography brings your imagination to life with unique and dynamic photos.

I'll take you into the world of painting with light, the camera settings and the movements you make with the light painting tubes.

You will learn how to combine flash with this slow shutter speed and how to create light patterns that stimulate the imagination.

In addition to the photography techniques, you will learn the painting techniques. You will combine colors and create patterns. This way you can turn every photo into a unique work of art.

The following topics are covered:

  • Operation of the LightTubePro
  • Technique of light painting
  • Working with slow shutter speed
  • Working on a tripod
  • Making light patterns
  • Posing your model
  • Making LightPaintings when you're alone

Reservations WITHOUT worries: in the unlikely event that you can't due to Corona or other circumstances, you will get your money back or your credit will remain for the next workshop!!

After the workshop you will be able to perform anything you can think of as light tube painting.

And do you want to get started with your own light painting tubes? Then take a quick look here.

Choose date/location at options.

Shipping & Returns

All products are shipped worldwide from the Netherlands. Return of undamaged products including packaging within 30 days.

Production and materials

All tubes are handmade in the Netherlands in our production facility in Breda.

The tubes are made of high quality plexiglass and are treated with an antistatic cleaning agent.

All Folomov products come directly from the manufacturer (no intermediaries) and are made of high-quality aluminum.


The LightTubePro is 1 meter long, has an outer diameter of 30 mm, a wall thickness of 2 mm and an inner diameter of 26 mm.

The TravelTubePro is 70 cm long, has an outer diameter of 30 mm, a wall thickness of 2 mm and an inner diameter of 26 mm.

The Folomov flashlights on this website all fit in the tubes.

Care Instructions

The tubes are best stored in the TubeBagPro , in a non-humid place.

Clean the tubes with a soft cloth and possibly with an antistatic cleaning agent for plastics.

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