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Photographer Press Card with QR code

Photographer Press Card with QR code

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Do you take photos at an event or party? Do you ever bring your camera to a competition?

You are regularly asked who you are and what you are doing. With this photographer card it is clear at a glance. And doors will open that normally remain closed.

And if someone asks about your website or social media, you can have your QR code scanned and they immediately have your information. A very professional way of advertising.

Do you really want to appear professional? And open doors that normally remain closed?

* * * Now temporary, combi-deal with very affordable camera wristband * * *

Order the personalized card right now, together with the wristband and save € 7. Choose the color and the wristband in the options and instead of paying € 22 euros, you only pay € 15 for the wristband.

You can provide the QR code or it will be created for you.

3 levels:

After ordering, you will be contacted by email for exact details on the card.

The card holder is made of gold or blue aluminum and comes with a comfortable carrying strap.

Possibility to add your own logo on the back.

Free Shipping. Specify the color in options.

Choose options to order the wristband right away and save no less than 32% on the wristband!

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