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Light Blade Photography - LightBladePro Love

Light Blade Photography - LightBladePro Love

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Discover your love for LightBlade photography

Discover the magic of light painting photography with the LightBladePro - your ultimate companion for creating stunning light artworks. Bring your passion to life and share your love for light painting with this extraordinary tool.

Love for art photography

With the help of a slow shutter speed you transform every photo into a breathtaking work of art. Unleash your creativity and use the Love blade to spread the love to everyone who admires your photos.

Laser technique

Each LightBladePro is cut with extreme precision by a laser machine, creating a high-quality plexiglass blade. The unique aspect of the blade is the beautiful pattern that is laser engraved into the plexiglass, resulting in an unparalleled reflection of the light.

What's in a set

The LightBladePro can be supplied complete with an elegant carbon-look handle and five color filters (red, orange, yellow, blue and pink). These filters offer you the opportunity to give your lighting creations a personal touch, allowing you to capture the right atmosphere and emotion in your photos. If you already own a handle and color filters, it is also possible to purchase only the loose leaf.

Unique system

What really makes the LightBladePro unique is its interchangeability with the LightTubePro. Mix and match to your heart's content and discover endless combinations. The same flashlight model can be used for both the tubes and blades, giving you a cost-effective and versatile solution for all your lighting needs.

Light source for love

For an optimal user experience, we recommend the Folomov Hero, because of the handy one-touch on/off function. This allows you to effortlessly place the blades as "stamps" in your photos with just the touch of a button. This ensures seamless integration of the blades into your light painting creations and simplifies the creative process.

Order now

Take your light painting photography to new heights with the LightBladePro. Explore the limitless possibilities of light and create breathtaking works of art that capture the attention of viewers around the world. Order your LightBladePro today and let your talent shine!

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