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Light painting starter Set Rainbow - 3x LightTubePro - Flashlight - 2x cap

Light painting starter Set Rainbow - 3x LightTubePro - Flashlight - 2x cap

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Starter set Rainbow for light tube painting photography

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of light tube paintings with our exclusive Starter Set - your complete key to creative discoveries and stunning works of art!

Which light painting tubes are included in this set?

Shine in every shade with Rainbow Silver LightTubePro - where stunning color and brilliant clarity come together for the ultimate artistic experience!

Light painting tool rainbow silver tube

The Rainbow Gold is a beautiful warm addition that is reminiscent of the most spectacular golden hour with a rainbow.

Rainbow Pink light painting tube photography

The Rainbow Pink brings magic to life.

Your photos turn into true art with lots of color.

Light painting photography tube pink

Light Painting Tip:

Make very small movements with your wrist, but make sure that the transparent side of the tube always faces the camera. The movements give you extra color in your painting with these holographic tubes.

The flashlight fits exactly in the light tubes, is sturdy, rechargeable, waterproof and has a very long burning time.

The black cap ensures that you have no light waste at the end of the tube. The white cap gives a beautiful bright edge to your paintings for extra depth and effect.

An ideal starting point for anyone who wants to start with the art of painting with light or also light graffiti.

Painting with light on the beach of Scheveningen

This set contains:

  • 1 LightTubePro Rainbow Silver
  • 1 LightTubePro Rainbow Gold
  • 1 LightTubePro Rainbow Pink
  • 1 Folomov 18650s flashlight
  • 1 black LightCapPro (cap)
  • 1 white LightCapPro (cap)

Can you start your light painting adventure with this set?

This set is ideal as a complete starting point for your light painting photography. And the bright rainbow colors make it a joy to work with. Every photo is magic and an adventure in itself. This makes light painting photography addictive.

Order now quickly and let your adventure begin

* Sample photos taken by student during practical workshop, do you also want to follow a great light tube painting photography workshop, click here.

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