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LightTubePro Royal Blue [light painting tool] [photography]

LightTubePro Royal Blue [light painting tool] [photography]

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Light Painting Tool Royal Blue

Blue light tube for great light painting photography, color: royal blue . The world of light art will open up to you, a great way of photography.

The LIGHTTubePro is the best light painting tool for very bright and colorful light art.

The world of kings and queens is at your feet with this deep Royal Blue color.

The sturdy plexiglass is durable and very clear, so that all colors come across in full force.

Do you want to see in practice how deep the colors are? Click here for the video demo.

Range of vivid, deep purplish-blue colors , so named because the color is sometimes associated with the clothes of kings or resembles the color ultramarine blue, which was also called ' royal blue '.

Length: 1 meter
Material: plexiglass
Series: Nordic

As a light source, the Folomov flashlight is needed such as the Folomov 18650s or the Folomov Hero . Don't forget to order these.

Order now quickly and let your adventure begin

* Example photos taken by student during practical workshop, do you also want to follow a great light tube painting photography workshop, click here.

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