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ProWorX: Your journey to become a professional photographer

ProWorX: Your journey to become a professional photographer

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Complete photography course as the best alternative to the photo vocational school training.

Do you want to become a part-time or full-time professional photographer? And do you need help setting up the business side? Or are you a photographer and do you get too few or no paid assignments?

The Professional Work Experience trajectory helps you to build your company step by step so that after 6 months you have a completely running company.

In 6 clear phases we will set up your company for real paying assignments in 6 months:

1. The basics
We lay down the basis with a tailor-made business plan, Chamber of Commerce registration, design of your website, everything you need to know to get to the top of Google, taxes and KOR and healthy rates.

2. Your focus and appearance
Specializing is a must and gives you a lot of peace and energy. In addition, it must be properly marketed. We dive into the world of marketing to see how you can connect with your customer and get business.

3. Your giveaway to attract customers like a magnet
Every entrepreneur has a challenger: there is an enormous amount on offer and what should a customer choose from. You learn how to attract customers who suit you, who click with you and who are satisfied with your way of working and photographing. Staying close to yourself is important here.

4. Actively discovering your customers in your field
How can you tap into markets in a smart way with customers who have not yet found you? How can you actively ensure more assignments? In this phase you will discover that there are many more customers than you think and you will learn to offer them so much value that they will gladly do business with you.

5. Social media strategy
Social media ensures that (future) customers get to know you and keep thinking about you. A powerful strategy ensures that you regularly connect with your customer and thus build a bond.

6. Impress your customer so that they come back and promote you through word of mouth
Provide a unique experience for your customer and they will hire you more often and spread positive news about you.

As a common thread, various assignments run through the process. Together with me and other students we go on the road for various customers. We will do assignments for magazines with a high chance that your photos will be placed in magazines.

We are going to photograph funerals to see what this means and how you can take pictures here in a dignified way.

We are working for companies and institutions. And we visit an event so that you gain experience, feel more confident and know what is going on in the workplace so that you always have the right preparation.

You do at least 6 practical assignments with me.

Do you want to grow from amateur to professional photographer? Do you want to work less and do more photography assignments? Then get in now.

Mail for more information to or register for the next course that starts mid-October. Registration closes in the first week of October.

Choose to pay all at once or in 3 installments.

Because of setting up your own company, you will receive € 252.00 VAT back and we will make a Werktuig PPO application for 400 euros, which can be allocated to you.

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