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Photographic Specialist Portraits

Photographic Specialist Portraits

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This complete course, consisting of 3 days, will help you grow into a photographic portrait specialist.

In the studio we work with many new techniques such as colors, wind machine, smoke machine, silk cloths, broken glass, leaves, etc.

You will not only learn these techniques, but you will actively work to get your own creativity going. You make plans and implement them, so that you go home with a thorough approach and are ready for the future.

In addition, we will spend a day in the studio working with a model coach and models so that you learn everything about posing, male and female poses, details that are really important and light that fits. with every pose.

A third aspect is taking photos outside the studio. We will work outside with both your reportage flash and studio flash to take family portraits and a spectacular photo of the bride outside.

During the workshop you will receive a clipboard with tips on which you will also make notes.

The workshops include lunch.

The topics we cover:

  • Light patterns on your model
  • Lowkey photography
  • High key photography
  • Use of color gels
  • Backlight and flare
  • Use of smoke and wind
  • Lens use and viewpoints
  • Use frames
  • Control models
  • Posing models and determining appropriate light per pose
  • Studio setup outside
  • Use report flash outside

After the course you will be a photographic specialist in portraits where you can deliver high-quality portrait photos under all circumstances. You will receive the corresponding certificate.

Including models and model coach.

Dates of the 3 course days from 10:00 am - 3:30 pm

  • Saturday February 24, 2024
  • Saturday March 16, 2024
  • Saturday April 6, 2024

We work in a small group of maximum 6 photographers

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jeannet Bijlsma
Profesionele portrait fotografie

Ik heb begin 2023 deze workshop(s) gevolgd, heel blij dat ik het gedaan heb. Ik heb zoveel geleerd over licht, kijken waar het vandaan komt, hoe je lampen op te zetten om welk effect te kunnen creëeren, hierdoor ben ik nog bewuster met fotografie bezig.
Marcello begeleid je met veel geduld en passie.
Ik ben gegroeid in fotografie, heb mooie ervaring met andere fotografen en modellen opgedaan en kan deze workshop zeker aanraden!

Henk Veenstra
Super mooie cursus/workshop

Dit is een mega mooie workshop als je van portret fotografie houd of wilt verbeteren. Je leert hier alle aspecten van portretfotografie van Low-key tot fine-art.
Ik ben dankzij Marcello enorm gegroeid door al zijn workshops en ik raad die wilt groeien in de fotografie deze workshop erg aan.