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Light Blade Photography - LightBladePro StarDust

Light Blade Photography - LightBladePro StarDust

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Let the stars shine in your light painting photos with the LightBladePro. Light blade photography is a great way to bring your light paintings to life.

With a slow shutter speed you turn every photo into a work of art and with the StarDust blade every model in your photo becomes a real star.

The blade is laser cut from high quality plexiglass. The unique thing is the laser-engraved pattern in the blade itself, which makes a great reflection of the light.

The LightBladePro can be supplied complete with handle (carbon look) and 5 color filters (red, orange, yellow, blue and pink) or as a separate blade, if you already have a handle and color filters.

Also unique is the interchangeability with the LightTubePro, everything can be combined and the same flashlight can be used for both the tubes and the blades.

The Folomov Hero is preferred because of the one-touch on/off function, which makes it very easy to place the blades as a 'stamp' in your photo.

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