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LightTube Mini Rainbow Gold | light painting photography

LightTube Mini Rainbow Gold | light painting photography

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Mini light tube for maximum color

Expand the possibilities of your LightTubePro with the mini version of our colorful light tube. This additional tube, made of high-quality plexiglass, adds an extra dimension to your LightTubePro experience. With its compact size of only 15 cm long, this mini warm gold tube is perfect to connect to your existing LightTubePro, creating a beautiful combination of colors and atmosphere.

Connectable to the Pro

The mini LightTubePro Rainbow Gold is designed to connect seamlessly to the ConnectPro, our handy connector available separately. With the ConnectPro you can easily connect multiple tubes together, allowing you to adjust your LightTubePro configuration to your personal preference. Combine the mini Rainbow Gold tube with the standard LightTubePro or add even more mini tubes for a beautiful light spectacle.

LightTubePro system

With its durable and quality plexiglass construction, the mini LightTubePro Rainbow Gold is not only a visual spectacle, but also a reliable addition to your LightTubePro system. The material is resistant to wear and tear and retains its brightness and shine for a long time, so that you can enjoy the beautiful light effects time and time again.

Please note: the ConnectPro is available separately and is required to connect the mini LightTubePro Rainbow Gold to your LightTubePro.


Length: 15 cm
Material: Plexiglass

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