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LightTubePro Rainbow Silver | light painting photography tool

LightTubePro Rainbow Silver | light painting photography tool

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Light Painting Tube Rainbow Silver

Holographic light painting tube for great light tube painting photography, color: rainbow silver. How do you take great light effect photos?

The LIGHTTubePro is the best tool for very bright and colorful light art.

The rainbow is so close and up for grabs.

Take pictures with the mesmerizing colors of the rainbow, with the brightness of the stars.

How to make good light painting movements?

The movements for beautiful light painting drawings are calm and flowing. The light needs time to 'burn in' on your sensor. Very fast and irregular movements do not make the drawing beautiful or almost invisible.

That is why a sturdy and hard tube is much easier to work with than a soft plastic tube. Some manufacturers use the protective cover of a TL beam, but it breaks quickly and therefore works less pleasantly.

Practice the light painting moves!

Before I take the picture, I provide a movement exercise. This way you can see where to start and how to work around your model without hitting him/her. Make sure your fingers don't get around the tube, because that will make 'black' stripes as an interruption in your drawing.

And only turn the tube on at the start position you practiced and off again at the end position. So don't walk with a tube that is on in and/or out of the image.

Therefore choose the brightest light tube on the market

The sturdy plexiglass is durable and very clear, so that all colors come across in full force. You can order a white and/or black cap to stop the light at the end of the tube.

Silver is a feast for the eyes and the rainbow represents the connection of the earth with the sky and vice versa. The multi-coloredness of the rainbow encompasses the multi-coloredness of human emotion and earthly life. But it is also a sign from heaven.

Length: 1 meter
Material: plexiglass
Series: Rainbow

As a light source, the Folomov flashlight is needed such as the Folomov 18650s or the Folomov Hero . Don't forget to order these.

Order now quickly and let your adventure begin

* Example photos taken by student during practical workshop, do you also want to follow a great light tube painting photography workshop, click here.

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Customer Reviews

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Peter Giebels
Rainbow Silver effect is heel mooi.!

Het effect van de Rainbow silver is echt heel mooi,
Het mooie is van deze lighttube is dat de rainbow kleuren veranderen bij andere hoekstand en dit geeft iedere keer weer een ander effect.
De lightube is stevig en niet al te zwaar om te gebruiken en geven een mooie lichtspreiding.
Met de witte eind dop vind ik het effect net iets mooier dan met de zwarte eind dop maar dat is persoonlijk.


Dit is een prachtige tube met hele mooie effecten!