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Steel wool photography course [Urban]

Steel wool photography course [Urban]

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Steel wool photography is a fantastic course/workshop from which the sparks literally jump. You will learn all the techniques of photographing, but also of turning steel wool itself.

At various locations we will take the most spectacular photos with long shutter speeds, burning steel wool. During these evening workshops we provide the most amazing light there is and you take pictures to enjoy.

You learn how to work with a slow shutter speed, how to work with burning steel wool, how to find balance with the environment and how to flash a subject in your photo.

In addition to your camera, you also need a tripod. If you don't have one, let me know so I can bring an extra tripod for you.

After the workshop you will be able to take steel wool photos independently, work with the light tubes and also use them in combination. You can also inform your subject well with a speedlight, so that you can use a model during these shoots.

This workshop is unique, because steel wool photography is not often combined with a model.


In the unlikely event that the weather does not allow the workshop to continue, we will set a new date or you will get your money back. And even if you cannot make it on the booked date for whatever reason, you can always do the workshop on a new date.

You will never lose your money, I personally guarantee you that.

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